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Anonymous We allow writers to remain anonymous if that is their wish.  More >

Zoe Adler Bishop
Zoe Adler Bishop is feverishly working on her first novel The Mischief, which is refusing to end. Her short fiction has been published in numerous anthologies a  More >

Liz Allan
Liz Allan Liz Allan is an emerging writer, currently studying creative writing honors at The University of Adelaide. Liz works as an administrator in Human Reso  More >


Ariane Beeston is a psychologist and freelance writer who lives in Sydney with her husband and her son. Her work has appeared in Mamamia, The Good Men Project and Ro  More >

Kate Belle
Kate Belle Kate is an accomplished, multi-published author of dark and sensual erotic fiction. She refers to 2013 as her Year of Wonders, with the publicat  More >

Tamryn Bennet
Tamryn Bennet is a writer and visual artist. Since 2004 she has exhibited artists books, illustrations and comics poetry in Sydney, Melbourne, Switzerland and Mexic  More >

Tom Chapman
Tom Chapman Tom Chapman lives and surfs in Manly, Australia. He loves his wife, Rhiannon, and their beautiful daughter, Olive. Occasionally he writes.  More >

Evan Clarry
Evan Clarry commenced his filmmaking career writing and directing the celebrated short film Mate which won Best Australian Film at Flickerfest and the AFI Award f  More >

Marion Cooper
Marion Cooper Marion Cooper is an English teacher in Sydney, who has written stories for as long as she can remember. Illegitimate is her first novel, prompt  More >

Jandi Crocker
Jandi Crocker Jandi is a clinical psychologist and writer. Her research has been published in the Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry. She is currently  More >

Eliza Cussen
Eliza Cussen is an emerging creative writer based in Sydney. Her columns appear regularly in Junkee.com, and she has been published in ABC Ramp Up, The D  More >


Kate Dorrell
Kate Dorrell is a freelance PR consultant and copywriter by day and an aspiring novelist by night. She has a Masters of A  More >

Charlotte Farell
Charlotte Farell is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Arts and Media at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, where she has also taught courses in The  More >

Kelly Fisk
Kelly Fisk I'm a writer who hails from the foothills of the Blue Mountains. As well as being Co-Editor of Tabula Rasa, I co-convene the Glenbrook Writers' Group   More >

Susanna Freymark
Susanna Freymark published her first fiction Losing February in 2013 with Pan Macmillan. A recent graduate of the UTS Masters in Creative Writing program, she w  More >



Adrik Kemp
Adrik Kemp As a child in kindergarten, I would forgo the usual nap time of my comrades to re-read all the books the tiny bookshelf had to offer. Throughout my ch  More >

Sophie Langley
Sophie Langley writes essays usually about food, environment, memory, health and wellbeing and occasionally short fiction. Shes also a yoga teacher. Sophi  More >