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Cutting dead

In her personal essay, Louise Wakeling explores the end of a long friendship

Short Stories

Sharpening the Chainsaw

A quick read by Adam Marshall, where a son discovers a truth about his dad


Great podcasts for writers

Kelly Fisk shares her favourite podcasts for beating writer's block.

Short Stories

The Devil

Kate Dorrell takes us into the mind of struggling new mum.


Reading the Renaissance

Gabriele Neher on why putting fictional flesh on historical bones teaches us so much.


Wentworth Falls

Poet Louise Wakeling takes us on a journey of survival


Myth in kid’s books

Academic Elizabeth Hale on writers using the monsters of classical myth.

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Short Stories - 0 Comments Vainglorious

Liz Allan's story peeks into a world of flirtation, racism and hotel lobbies.

Non-fiction - 0 Comments This Is My Depression

Depression is like wearing a heavy black coat, writes Arian Beeston.

Novel - 0 Comments The Mischief

The first chapter of The Mischief, Zoe Adler Bishop's novel about an underground world.

Non-fiction - 0 Comments Near a tree by a river

An anonymous story about place and a family's shared tragedy.